Friday, 10 October 2008

Icelandic terror attack to net over £1billion?

The early comments on my early-morning blog yesterday (predicting that local authority losses with Icelandic banks would exceed £0.5billion) thought that I had over-stated the likely losses (and were generally amazed that the SI was under the anti-terrorism laws, something that most of the press picked up on later in the day). Now it appears that I understated the figure - and it's nearer £1billion.

The BBC has compiled a full list of the authorities affected - see here - with the big potential losers being:

Kent County Council - £50 million
Nottingham City Council - £42 million
Norfolk County Council - £32.5 million
Dorset County Council - £28.1 million
Hertfordshire - £28 million
Barnet Council- £27 million
Somerset County Council - £25 million
Northumberland County Council - £23 million
Surrey County Council - £20 million
Hillingdon Council - £20 million
Neath Port Talbot Council - £20 million
Westminster Council - £17 million
Brent - £15 million
Caerphilly County Council - £15 million.
North Ayrshire - £15 million

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