Thursday, 26 February 2009

Name searches

If you are like me and need to search the Internet for information on a person (perhaps a prospect, or someone you’re about to meet for the first time), you may have found the problems of using Google – too many incorrect entries and/or insufficient views of blogs and social networking sites.

You may wish to try a couple of new sites that have been recommended to me (thanks to Dan for forwarding on the links):

Try typing your own name into and not only does it search for textual entries, it can also come up with photos extracted from web sites and social networking sites (for me it comes up with not only my own photo from this blog, but also a number of photos of other unfortunates with the same name....). Now try other contacts and/or prospects – sometimes the search provides nothing, but in many cases I find that some of the entries are for valid items not found by a conventional Google-type search.

Then try typing your own name, a company name, brand name or topic into and it performs a search of the web for the latest news, blog posts, videos and images. I’ve been impressed with the up-to-date output from this search engine – yes, it comes up with a number of irrelevant hits, but frequently finds some relevant hits that are not found easily in a Google-type search.

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