Sunday, 4 January 2009

Rebellion supports Pssst view of 2009

Building on yesterday’s blog post on predictions for the coming year, I’ve just collected the 2009 beer planner from my local brewery, Rebellion Beer Company – OK I’m biased, they’re only 400m over the road from where I live, but they do brew some of the best beers around (the surrounding chalky Chiltern hills providing water high in minerals and salts essential for producing high quality and distinctive real ale).

In addition to their normal beers, every year they brew 12 monthly specials, that in the past have had interesting names like “Trolleyed”, “Overdrawn” and December’s “Roasted Nuts” and “Mince Spy”. For the coming year the 12 special beers will have the topical names of:

January - Weary Banker (no – not Beery......)
February - Bailout
March - Credit Crunch
April - Meltdown
May - Fat Cat
June - Market Collapse
July - Investors Revenge
August - Stockbroker Blues
September – Freefall
October - Liquid Assets
November - Recession Ale
December - Frozen Assets

So perhaps my predictions for 2009 have some liquid support .....

If you’re interested in further information on Rebellion, visit their shop or web-site at

Or, as a member of their beer club, I have a number of spaces available for guests to their members' evenings on Tuesdays (second Tuesday each month – including a tour of the brewery and all the beer you can drink between 7.30 and 9.30) – please e-mail me if you’d like to put your name down for one of them........

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