Friday, 16 January 2009

A successful project for supplier HBK

In response to my definition of a successful Central Government project (namely one that lasts more than two years), I was reminded of the definition of a successful HBK project (I’ve protected the name of the supplier – well, ..... just) – one that goes wrong, but that the HBK Project Manager can prove was not his fault.......

I agree with the comment I received that this could be applied to many Central Government projects – including the NHS’s NPfIT – it’s going to go wrong, but provided the manager can prove he's not to blame, let’s keep going.

In many cases, this is what separates a good project manager from a bad one – a good PM identifies risks and problems in advance, then works to minimise the risks and solve the problems – a poor PM might recognise the risks and possibly documents them, but doesn’t bother to take the necessary action (sometimes painful and unpleasant) to minimise the risks and solve the problems in advance of them actually arising.

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