Wednesday, 10 September 2008

my new blog.....

Welcome to my new blog, pssst......

After running a closed blog for colleagues and friends over the past few months, I've been encouraged to open it up to a wider audience - hence this new blog.

My aim remains to comment on items of interest to those of you who are either involved in the software and services industry, or are employed in the UK Public Sector. I have been persuaded to try to tone down my comments, and as this is a public blog, I will have to be particularly careful with comments that are specific to companies, organisations and individuals - however, I will aim to generate comments and, hopefully, provoke discussion on topics of interest to you.

And so - a request - if you have any topics that you think I should be commenting on, please e-mail me on - I welcome all and any suggestions and comments - even the critical ones. Please feel free to disagree with me - my blog entries will express my personal opinion, and I welcome your suggesting your own comments.

Finally, my advert - if you've not heard of me or my company Systemsolve before, I have over 35 years of experience in the supply of IT systems to the public sector both in the UK and abroad. For 10 years I was MD of Radius Computer Services until acquired by Civica, and now I provide consultancy services with one of my specialisations being in problem resolution - be it an under-performing company/business unit, or a problem project. Please visit my web-site at for information on the consultancy services I supply both to IT/software companies and Public Sector organisations.

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