Thursday, 25 September 2008

OT – Aynuck and Ayli

The Telegraph today, quoting a survey by Coolbrands, reports that the Brummie accent is the one liked least, and if you want to be cool, you need to drop your Brummie accent....

As a Black Country lad myself, I will confess to having hidden my accent ever since my teenage years, but have been impressed by a small number of people who have detected the Brummie twang under my now more-refined southern accent. But I will occasionally (normally after an intake of M&B bitter) be persuaded to drop back into talking “Ow we spake”. I also still have a few Aynuck & Ayli stories, my favourite being....

One day a bloke from out of town was walking along the canal when he saw a small boy crying.

He bent down saying "Now little man what is the trouble". The boy looked up at him and howled "Me mates fallen in the cut". "Good Heavens", the man shouted as he stripped ready to dive in. "Why are you sitting here instead of going for help when your friend is drowning" The boy looked at him in amazement as he splashed around in the murky water.

"It's not that mate wats fallen in. It's the mate outa me mate sandwich”.

A number of my customers have offices based in/around the Midlands – and I’ve been pleased to see that several of them, like me, actively support “
Talk Like a Brummie Day” – the next one is 17 July 2009 – any one like to arrange to meet me then?

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