Thursday, 11 September 2008

How to stop drowning in e-mail....

My thanks to my time management guru, Richard Maybury, for bringing a software tool called xobni to my attention.

This product works with MS Outlook to not only auto-index your e-mails but also provide an additional pane in your Outlook window that automatically gives you information on the sender of any e-mail you view, together with a history of previous e-mails and documents exchanged - in my job I find it very useful.

To download a copy (it's at an apparently very solid beta stage - and currently free) visit (yes - that's "inbox" backwards).

Richard introduced me to time management using Outlook way back in 2000 - and it changed my way of working dramatically. I still use all the techniques he taught me, and I struggle to know how I would have survived my senior roles in Radius and Civica without them. If you want to know more about the excellent training courses that Richard provides visit: or e-mail him at

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