Friday, 26 September 2008

Windows 7 gets to Alpha release

Microsoft is showing Windows 7 (also known in the trade as Vista mark two) at its Professional Developer Conference PDC at the end of October. Developers attending the PDC will be able to get their hands on a pre-release build of this new version of Windows that is widely expected to be made available on general release during 2009.

Expectations are that this version of Windows will be based on the same kernel as Vista, but will be a stripped down version with many of the applications missing (e.g. e-mail, photo processing and movie making) to be replaced by features that will be available as downloadable applications under the Windows Live brand.

Leaked screen shots of the new operating system look very much like the current Aero look – Vista’s semi-transparent graphic interface. Also, the Office 2007 Ribbon interface seems to have found its way into Wordpad and MS Paint. For more information, the techies amongst this readership can find Microsoft’s blog on Windows 7 at

For the non-techies - my reading of this software is that it won’t see the light of day on your desktop before 2010 at the earliest – it is likely to run most of the applications that currently run OK on Vista - and whilst I suspect it will be better than Vista (which I believe is a great improvement of Windows XP), as with all MS software, I would recommend not being an early adopter, but waiting a few months until someone else has ironed out all the launch problems.....

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